Drifted Nollywood Movie with Bimbo Ademoye & Kenneth Okolie

Drifted starring Bimbo Ademoye who played a struggling seamstress in Lagos whose little boy become sick. She brought the young boy to the hospital after getting out the transportation with her child she fell on the floor as the son was heavy to carry but a kind stranger assisted her to carry the son on her behalf and also paid for the test examination fee. After the doctor informed her that her son need operation or he will die, she become worried and desperate to find financial support. She turned to the oldest profession in the world to prostitute herself for money she can use to pay for her son's operation. With her son dying in hospital without money and anyone to assist her, she went and stooled a clothing from a washing lines and joined the street girls where she met a well to do man played by 

Sunny McDon W


who assisted her after she slept with him. Then her soldier husband played by Kenneth Okolie returned home to her then a new chapter of drama started in her life.  watch click here

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