Affair With A Reverend Sister - Nollywood Nigerian Movie

Affair With A Reverend Sister is about Reverence Sister Philomena who was introduced to a married man Rufus. While some may have a genuine heart to serve God according to the order of the church, others see it as an opportunity to social welfare and better social status
 including the reverence of the community. Though this path comes with benefits it denies its subjects some of the natural needs such as romance and sensuality and leave one in luck of these things until an opportunity presence itself where one may likely fall in to what maybe refer to as temptation. Sister Philomena saw an opportunity to leave the prison environment which she was in and sort for herself a dream life of love protection and passion with a man who is able to afford what she need. The wife will soon be replace by a Sister Philomena an innocent looking beautiful girl with a selfish mission. Rufus the husband has a fantasy of sexual encounter with Reverend Sister and Sister Philomena is just a dream come true. While sleeping with about four other girls, Rufus takes pays more attention to Sister Philomena more than his own wife and the other girls and made donations to the convent.
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